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Chief Operations Officer, TechCrunch and Engadget
I worked with Monirom on several mobile app design projects while we were both at AOL, and I was consistently impressed by how well he understood the translation of what the app sought to deliver and the right UX to make that compelling. He's a fun, cheerful, hardworking guy and a pleasure to have on the team.




Director, Mobile Delivery at Hilton Worldwide
I've worked with Monirom for several years at AOL and found his design work to be consistently thoughtful and creative. He keeps himself up to date on design trends and platforms making him able to quickly pivot from an Android design to iOS, from a smartphone to a tablet. He's extremely well-versed in interactive, visual and typography making him the ultimate triple-threat. And he is also fun to be around.




Senior Project Manager, Oath:
Working with Moni was one of the best collaborations I recall of my days at AOL. Moni's design chops were second to none. I knew that he would provide a mock or asset that was thoughtful perfection. His artistry also effortlessly flowed into his consideration of the user and understanding of the product. Moni was willing and able to stand ground on mobile app standards or philosophies that shouldn't be forgotten or abandoned. He knew how to translate a vague request into a solid feature or enhancement. Basically, Moni understands the DNA of a product and how it relates to its users. This makes him an incredible addition to any team!


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Senior Visual/Information Designer + UX-UI Principal, Freddie Mac
I had the opportunity to work with such an impressive and talented design director with such a huge appetite for information design and logos/visual identity designs. He is detail-oriented, uber-organized, and methodical in his approach, without losing sight of the prime objective. "Moni" is well-loved by his peers and well-deserved of his accomplishments and his aspirations to make the design space a less stressful place.


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Founder / Creative Director, Unconformity, LLC
Monirom is the complete package: A creative thinker and problem solver who always has a breakthrough idea up his sleeve; experienced in a wide range of industries, and thus able to quickly understand the client's business case; a wise and economical planner of production processes who begins with the end in mind; and skilled designer who shows an obsessive attention to detail. Monirom is also an effective and disciplined manager of other designers. Highly recommended.


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Production Manager + Mac IT Specialist, GMMB
Moni lives and breathes visual systems. It is striking how well he can digest a mass of various processes, broken or not, and turn them into a cohesive visual that is at once striking and informative. His design work is vivid, colorful, and tight. I learned a great deal from Moni about organizing visuals and how to represent that information in such a way that people could quickly grasp the concept, learn it, and then utilize it. I can't say enough good things about the hard work that Moni does. He is always friendly, always in the know, and keeps his bookshelf stocked like a good bar.


Steve Snyder-circle.png


Interactive Product Design + Multi-Disciplinary Team Management, Schwab Foundation
Monirom oversaw the rebranding and style guide development for a program of the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation. The precision, quality and accuracy of the style guide execution was simply amazing. As the receiving "creative" on the SparkTop side, I take my hat off to Monirom and recommend him MOST highly.


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Founder, Gilvey Creative
Monirom was a pleasure to work with. I never met anyone so detail oriented and willing to share the fun work as he. Monirom knew how to bring out the best in his design team through direction and encouragement of exploration. He was always in a great mood and loved to laugh with others. I can honestly say that there are only a few art directors I have taken something along with me to the next phase of my career and Monirom was one of them.


Lisa League-circle.png


Founder, QPractice
Monirom has an excellent eye for the subtle details that can either make or break a design, or elevate to the exceptional. I appreciate his ability to give candid criticism and valuable direction in creating a consistent image across all platforms. His critique of my website design was invaluable.



Erik Sagen

Sr. Designer, UX-UI, Web Dev, Engadget and Joystiq
Monirom is one of the most professional and accomplished designers I know. He’s extremely well versed in all things design and more importantly fun to work with. I learned a lot from our interactions together, on and off the clock. Hire him and you’ll enrich your team /organization.


Mary Theresa Hussey-circle.png


Executive Editor, Harlequin / Harper Collins
Monirom has an unerring eye for what looks good, is easy to use, and how to make it work for you. He's a font of information, a techie who can talk clearly to those who aren't, and has tremendous patience. I've seen him pull together websites, videos, stories, blogs and combine images to make memories that will last.


Amy Geissler-circle.png


Vice President Of PR, Domus, Inc.
Monirom is one of the most talented individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's thorough, professional, and extremely well-organized, with great attention to detail.


Scott Kirby-circle.png


Organizational Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton
Monirom did an exceptional job on the hundreds of communications campaigns we worked on over the past years. He is one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and has an amazing ability to work and achieve outstanding results. He is an accomplished writer, manager, talented Art Director and has great depth of understanding of innovation and what it takes for organizations to create an environment that supports innovation. He is truly an amazing resource.





  • 2008 AIGA 50 Special Selection:
    UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic (art direction)
  • 2008 Marcomm Gold: NOFs Case for Support
  • 2007 Communicator Award: UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic (art direction)
  • 2007 Communicator Award: MADD-Daimler/Chrysler, After the Crash (art direction)
  • 2007 PRINT Regional Design Annual:
    UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic (art direction)
  • 2007 PRINT Regional Design Annual:
    MADD-Daimler/Chrysler, After the Crash (art direction)
  • 2005 Silver Anvil: DaimlerChrysler’s Road Ready Teens
  • 2005 Silver Sabre: DaimlerChrysler’s Road Ready Teens
  • 2003 Kid Power: Schwab Learning, Most Exceptional Kids Marketing Campaign
  • 2003 ADDYs: Certificate of Excellence: Schwab Learning, Team Spark
  • 2002 Mark Awards: Time Warner's The New Road Runner Launch Campaign
  • 2001 ADDYs: NIC Commerce Air Tight
  • 1995-1997 OgilvyPR Awards
  • 1995 ADDYs: Certificate of Excellence: GPI’s, “Image” Ad Campaign


  • 2012 Master Library, Volume 4: Type and Calligraphy Logos
  • 2010 Master Library, Volume 2: Animal and Mythology Logos
  • 2006 Master Library Vol 3
  • 2005 Master Library Vol 2
  • 2003 Master Library Vol 1


  • 2018 LZ AA Executive Committee Grand Scribe
  • 2017 LZ AA Executive Committee Grand Scribe
  • 1990 LZ Alumni of the Year